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We accept card, Klarna & PayPal payments.


Due to the age of the pieces we sell, we ensure that our cataloguing is as accurate and honest as possible. As vintage clothing will be pre-owned and likely often worn, each piece for sale has a detailed condition report noting any visible wear. No piece will be in perfect, factory condition.


I examine garments to the best of my ability and will detail any identified flaws. If you need a very detailed condition report, please request this before buying and I will happily provide.

Vintage and pre-owned garments are always in a ‘used’ condition, consistent with age and amount of use. For example, when I catalogue condition as ‘excellent’ this does not mean flawless. This means excellent used condition.

All garments will have wear to a varying degree. None of my garments are in a flawless, brand new factory condition. They are for the most part half a century old and buyers should note this and manage their expectations accordingly

Each item is sold as seen on screen, and we provide clear images of each piece, but are also very happy to provide additional images upon request to clarify condition, or perhaps colour as electronic screens can vary the hues. 


Instead of categorising pieces numerically, we have sorted into S, M, L etc. Vintage sizing is very different to contemporary sizing - for example, a vintage UK Size 12 tends to come up more as a modern 8.

Garments are measured, sorted into a size and all measurements are provided within the product cataloguing for each individual item. Please ensure you check measurements carefully before purchasing.


The only occasions where we will ask for any kind of personal information is for the purposes of transactions or for marketing. We do not share your personal data with third parties. 

If you purchase through Instagram, we will ask for your email address & postal address for PayPal. 

If you purchase through our website, you can either pay using your card or PayPal. Our website is hosted by Wix who power our website functionality. 

Our mailing lists are also managed through Wix.

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