Special thanks to Dr Meanne Chan-Wong for sharing her incredible knowledge with me.


This particular piece is much like a Cheongsam blouse, with its sideways collar (made popular in the Qing Dynasty). The incredibly elaborate and bright embroidery, and linen like quality of the body fabric is very like the style worn by ladies in court. If this garment had been made longer, as a dress, it would be a Chaofu which is clothing formal clothing worn in the court. There are no labels sewn into the blouse, something that began later into the Republic. The style would date the blouse to any time between the Victorian era – 1920s, making it antique.


When dating this piece, it gets a little complicated - particularly upon closer inspection of the materials. The sequins appear to be plastic, and earlier sequins (1920s & older) were metal. The body fabric feels like linen, but I believe it to be rayon. The fastenings feel synthetic and have a metallic thread running through them. The embroidery is separate panels sewn to the blouse. My thought is this piece may be a costume, beautifully handmade at the earliest in the mid-20th Century. I have therefore priced this piece carefully and with some consideration.


I welcome anyone to share their knowledge with me regarding this garment, learning and expanding knowledge is one of the biggest joys of collecting, researching and selling vintage and antique clothing. 



Pit to Pit 20"

Sleeve Width 6"

Neck Width 6"

Shoulder Width Approx 17"


Recommend for UK 6 - small 10.



No label

No tears and stains. 


Vintage Chinese Cheongsam Blouse